Before it became it the kids’ disease du jour, I probably should have been diagnosed with ADHD. Apart from being largely bored and uninspired by school until college, my mind would wonder all over the place about absolutely everything during school—that is, unless what was being taught caught my interest and I wanted to participate. Dismissively, my counselors called it daydreaming. In some cases, they were right. I would think of meaningless and stupid crap like skiing technique; other times I would wonder why there was a nuclear disarmermant club at school or thinking about a poem or short story I had read and what it meant. I don’t think the latter qualifies as daydreaming if I was thinking about it in physiology.

And guess what? Nothing much has changed even at age 45. Get me in a meeting where my input is minimal or what little to do with me, and zing, I’m off like the Road Runner for a subconscious super ride of ideas, thoughts and concepts.

Most of these random thoughts are just one or two sentence ideas like ad headlines or thoughts that would likely have trouble making into a post. Now up until today, I didn’t know what to do with them. Then I went, hey, I’ve got this here blog thingy. Why not make a weekly random thoughts feature? It’ll force me to write them down and, if I want or choose to do so, follow up on them with a more comprehensive post. Or they could be just a like a really bad wine that’s opened, tasted once, then poured down the drain and enjoyed only by the rats.

What not to expect from this weekly feature? Coherence, continuity and consistency are probably good places to start. Serious, you should lower your expectations, Dear 2.5 Readers. One minute it could be deep and serious, the next something funny or odd, the next offensive (I have a way of doing that). I really don’t know. I’m just going to write them down, then post them and whatever is there is there. This could be interesting and entertaining, or it could be impossibly dumb and expose me as being the daydreaming intellectual infant those school counselors long suspected me of being. (Yeah, but I’m doing professionally better than they ever thought, so what did they know.)

Look for this feature to appear on Friday afternoons, Dear 2.5 Readers. And if you’re looking for a category to find this feature under, I’d recommend looking under the apropos category of Uncategorized.