Something smells rotten in Wisconsin. And it’s not the cheese.

By now, most know of the Gov. Scott Walker’s legislative and legal fight to save—yes, save—public employee unions from themselves and their fiscally ruinous, dogmatic and self-destructive ways. The fight has led to recall Gov. Walker, among others.

According to the New York Times, the recall-Walker organizers report they’ve produced almost 1 million signatures to insitute a recall vote—more than 2x what was needed, which was 540,208.

Wow! That’s a lot of PO’ed Cheeseheads! Impressive!

So is the likely amount of bullshit.

In 2010, Walker won the vote over Tom Barrett, 1,128,159 to 1,005,008—a contested race, but not really close. In terms of percentages, Walker won 52.3 to 46.6—almost the margin by which Obama beat McCain. As with every election, a lot of independents were in play. Or were there? Some 25,000 independent voters flushed their votes down an independent toilet. They’re a nonfactor. But what about the proverbial “undecided” or “swing” voter? In most elections, local, state and federal, they account for roughly 3-5% of the vote, maybe even more. But let’s not count them yet. Taken at face value, the recall-Walker organizers total means nearly 3/4 of the Democratic voters in WI voted to have a recall election. That’s some serious canvassing, son!

And that shit just ain’t possible, no matter how much public employee money you throw at it, or college students the Democrats and union buddies have indoctrinated.

If that’s not true, and it’s not, that means organizers would have had to find a boatload of independents to make up the difference—and the numbers just aren’t there. For example, if we say 5% of the roughly 2.2 million votes cast were independent, or 110,000 votes; meaning that every single independent voter in WI signed the petition. Not possible. Let’s make it 8%, or 176,000 votes. Still not enough. And even we got half of those votes, along with some disgruntled GOP votes, we’re still struggling to get there.

The 720,000 figure might be possible, I grant that. Even still it would take nearly 60+% of the Democratic vote, along with more than half of the independent vote to get to that 720,000 figure. Could organizers come close to the 540,000 figure? Sure.

But 1 million? 1 million? Or, hell, even 720,000? There are more dead people and zombies on “The Walking Dead.”