As an addition to “My Year in Golf 2011” post, I forgot to include the strangest, and funniest situation I’ve perhaps ever encountered on a golf course.

In June, I had the entire North Sound Course on Grand Cayman to myself. No one pushing me, just me and the course. And countless blue and green iguanas. On almost every hole, I was joined by these spiky, ancient creatures.

Some scurried across the fairway, or up a palm tree.Some swam in the lakes; and some just hung out. And some? Well, some decided to take a crap on the very-well manicured greens.Now what’s funny about this shot is that 1.) my ball came to rest behind this large pile of dung—the only one I encountered on a green during the entire round, by the way;  2.) I had almost no idea how to rule the shot; and 3.) I forgot to get a shot of ball position before I ruled on what to do, which shows on much I was concentrating on my round. (I was too busy laughing.)

I came to this spot after hitting a drive wide right, then carried a 9-iron over some palms to get into this, ahem, shitty position. (A pretty good, by the way.)

So, how did I rule? Well, I figured it was abnormal ground obstruction that I couldn’t (or wouldn’t) move, so I took a club of relief. And believe me, I was laughing all the way. What you see is the result. I made the par laughing to my amusement, and to that of the on-looking iguanas.

As it turns out, there is a rule that covers this scenario (at least from my interpretation). Under 24-2 (iii) and Immovable Obstructions, it reads: “If the ball lies on the putting green, the player must lift the ball and place it, without penalty, at the nearest point of relief that is not in a hazard.”

So, in my reading, I took my relief properly. Even if the unknown iguana did not.