Pettiness and nitpicking annoy me. Whether it’s me getting a speeding ticket for going 42MPH in a 40MPH zone, or expressing dismay over over the $150,000 spent on Sarah Palin’s wardrobe during the ’08 campaign, or this: That Obama just played his 78th round of golf since taking Office.

The right is all a twitter and bemoaning his 78 days of play, saying, “(that’s a) total of 312 hours during his term. That’s 13 twenty-four hour days.  That’s nearly two full weeks of time on the links.”

Whack me over the head with my 20-degree hybrid, this is horrible!

For the love of my name….Of all the many legitimate points on which to attack Obama’s positions and policies, this is one they’re going after? In golfing rhetorical terms, this approach is a shank.

Look, I’m know I’m only slightly less newsworthy than the President, but with 21 rounds under my belt so far this year I’ve played more than Obama has: 19. (Thanks, honey! You’re the best!) And I could probably wax his 17-handicap ass while still giving him a stroke on every hole, too. But let’s be fair and really look at Obama’s golfing numbers and see just how much golf he’s really playing.

Obama’s been in office approximately 32 months. Divide that by 78 and we get 2.4 rounds a month—which, frankly, is fairly standard for avid golfers like Obama. And, like me here in Seattle where the courses and conditions are lousy November through February (hell, I can’t even post scores to GHIN during those months because conditions are so poor), he probably can’t really play golf during DC winters. So that confines his play to spring and summer and maybe some in fall. Given the other “bad luck” (as he might call it) Obama has against him like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, plunging world markets, these pesky Tea Partiers calling for (gasp!) fiscal responsibility and blocking his liberal agenda, earthquakes, nuclear reactor meltdowns, etc., he might play slightly less this year. So basically, and again like me, he gets his golf in when he can.

Good for you, Mr. Obama, sincerely. I get my golf in when I can. At least we have one thing in common.

Here’s my take on it and, like I said, maybe I’m bias because I’m an avid/rabid golfer too: I don’t begrudge Obama or any president who takes time off to play golf or other sport of his choosing. I also can’t fault him for taking a vacation—if I’m not mistaken, every president that I know of has traditionally gone on vacation in the month of August as Congress is on break, too.

Of the deep, great and many differences of opinion I have with Obama, the man still has the most difficult job in the world. If golf is his mental break, his stress reliever, his down time, whatever, and keeps him from grabbing “The Football” and pushing the codes inside, then tee it up, Mr. O.

For the record, I’m not beneath making low-hanging fruit jokes about how much golf he plays, though. Mostly because I like getting under my liberal friends’ skin. I’m evil like that.