Hm, catchy headline, don’t you think? Sounds like a song by Morrissey or a B-side off a Smiths’ single.

Sorry to report, however, that I’m not a lisp-y vegan lamenting my pathetic and rejection-filled love life. It’s just little old, insignificant, tone-deaf me. (At least I have one thing in common with the Mozzer.)

No, this headline is more of a promise.

See, this is my third and hopefully last foray into the world of blogging—a place where everyone who shouldn’t have a voice does. Oh, that’s mean. I’m just kidding. Everyone should have an outlet for his or her thoughts, ideas and feelings. A world filled with more writing and communicating is a better world. (Unless you’re one of those who acts like you’re 10-feet tall in comment sections, which makes you a dick.)

This is my personal cloud in the cyber world. (Yet again.) I get to float on it and do whatever I want to do. If I feel like raining down on someone or something or some issue I will.  I’ll cast my bolts in a certain direction, I will. Or, I’ll just languish in the openness, harmlessly mumbling about nothing—like, say, golf or tequila.

Okay, that’s enough with the cloud metaphors and tying into my blog’s subhead.

So if this one gets hacked by some penis-showing troll that I’ve made an enemy of from a political site (the fate of my first blog) or neglected so long that I forget the password (the fate of my second blog), then I’ll not start another one. I will pay attention to this blog and to you this time, Dear 2.5 Readers. I welcome your comments, if you feel so compelled to write one, yet I’ll not feel hurt or neglected should you not. I will commit to you and this blog, whole-heartedly.

Now stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before.